Tulsa Cancer Institute is a Site for the NCI-MATCH Trial

A new precision medical trial, known as the NCI-MATCH: Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice, is opening in July. This nation-wide trial will study the effectiveness of targeted therapies for cancer patients whose tumors have specific gene mutations regardless of the type of cancer they have. This trial will be like no other yet developed, utilizing unique advanced gene sequencing techniques to screen for molecular abnormalities.

Doug Lowy, M.D., NCI acting director says, “It is the first study in oncology that incorporates all of the tenets of precision medicine. There are no other cancer clinical trials of this size and scope that truly bring the promise of targeted treatment to patients whose cancers have specific genetic abnormalities. It holds the potential to transform cancer care.”

Tulsa Cancer Institute, as an integrated part of Stephenson Cancer Center, is a site for this innovative trial which will allow us to offer truly individualized treatment based on each patient’s molecular profile. Talk to your doctor to learn more about this trial or find out if you may be eligible.

Read the NCI press release about the NCI-MATCH trial.

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