Grenville Jones

Grenville Jones, MD

Dr. Grenville Jones graduated from The Johns Hopkins University and received his medical degree from the Rutgers University Medical School. He completed an internship in transitional medicine from Harvard Medical School and a residency in radiation oncology from the University of Virginia. While serving as an attending physician in Maine and Massachusetts, Dr. Jones implemented new IMRT and brachytherapy programs, designed to focus radiation on cancerous cells and not surrounding healthy tissue. He is experienced in HDR, prostate brachytherapy and LDR gyn brachytherapy and has done research into various topics within radiation oncology.

Internship at Harvard Medical School
The Cambridge Hospital
Massachusetts Transitional Medicine Residency at the University of Virginia
Virginia Radiation Oncology

B.A. from The Johns Hopkins University
M.D. from the Rutgers University Medical School

Licensures and Certifications
Licensed to practice medicine in Oklahoma and Maine
ACR MOC certified

Tulsa Cancer Center
Radiation Oncology