Important Changes to How We Schedule Chemotherapy Appointments

December 12, 2016

Dear OCSRI Patient:

In an effort to improve patient safety, Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute will be changing the practice of scheduling patients with their medical and/or gynecologist oncologist for an office visit to a different day from a scheduled chemotherapy treatment.

The American Society of Clinical Oncology as well as other oncology professional organizations and institutions have performed studies involving this topic and have found the following benefits to implementation of such a practice:

Improvement in patient safety, as there is more time for a safe review of protocols by our physicians, pharmacy staff, and nurses if not rushed to approve treatments.
Reduction of patient wait time in the chair to receive treatment. We know that many of you have had extended wait times over recent months due to management of our patient volumes and schedules.
Less drug waste due to holding a treatment, no show/cancellation, drug or dose changes.
Better selection of chair times in the treatment room
Increased efficiency of staff as a result of increased preparation time to review the orders, order the drug from the manufacturer and verify doses to be given.
Provides adequate time for a physician to make changes in the regimen and ensure the drug will be covered by your insurance.
This change will take effect beginning in January 2017. We do understand that there are certain circumstances where same day visits cannot be avoided. Those situations will be reviewed by the physician and staff to determine what accommodations can be made.

Please understand that while patient convenience is important, we feel strongly that patient safety is the most important factor for implementing this change in practice.

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you that it is very important to arrive on time for your port flush/lab draw and chemotherapy appointments. If you are going to be delayed or need to cancel your appointment, it is requested that you call 918-505-3200 in advance to try to accommodate the schedule change.

Thank you,

Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute

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