Oklahoma Cancer Specialists Cares Fund

Making a difference in the support of the cancer patient – it’s at the heart of Oklahoma Cancer Specialists and Research Institute’s mission.

The challenges of cancer care are significant and growing for all patients, and OCSRI is committed to building a supportive environment for all cancer patients. This is why OCSRI has worked with the Tulsa Community Foundation to create the Oklahoma Cancer Specialists Cares Fund.

“Our goal here is to provide comprehensive support – both clinical and non-clinical – to our patients,” said OCSRI’s CEO, Suanne Gersdorf. “Through the OCS Cares Fund, we plan to support patients by providing financial support for the uninsured or underinsured.”

Based on statistics from the Tulsa Health Department, 22.5% of cancer patients are uninsured. Generally, the number of underinsured patients is higher resulting in many in our area that do not receive or complete treatment because of the lack of money.

“By assisting with out-of-pocket expenses, supportive care costs, and other supplemental resources, OCSRI – through this Fund – can be there to assist this high-risk patient population,” said Gersdorf.

The OCS Cares Fund seeks to provide access to quality healthcare for patients who may not otherwise be able to afford the cost of treatment. Our Fund can assist with the financial burden so that cancer patient can focus on recovery.

If you’d like to contribute to OCSRI’s goal of providing comprehensive support to all cancer patients, please visit our designated fund through the Tulsa Community Foundation’s website.